Welcome to the ACTSPeru Blog!

Welcome to the ACTSPeru Blog, your source for updates on our research, education, and citizen science projects.  Please feel free to leave comments, questions, and suggestions via the comment box below.  D.C. Randle, our Director of Education and Citizen Science Programs,  is overseeing this blog and will reply just as soon as possible.

Meet D.C.  

HAmazon Randleello!  I’d like to introduce myself; some of you already know me and for others, I may be a new face.  I have been a longtime friend of the Amazon and am pleased to serve as the ACTSPeru Director of Education and Citizen Science.   I have been a science educator for 30 plus years and a field researcher for Dr. Meg Lowman for 22 plus years. Most of most of my time in tropical rain forests has been spent in and around the ACTSPeru field station and canopy walkway.

My degree is in biological sciences and my masters is in education with a focus on ecological sciences. Over the years, I have served on many committees, including: Life Discovery Committee for K-16 science Teachers, Ecological Society of America; Life Discovery Committee for K-16 science Teachers, Jason Project Distance Learning Program; Tree Foundation for Tropical Studies; Scientist on Staff at Selby Botanical Gardens;  St Francis Community Diversity Team; Minnesota Ideals Mentor Teacher for the University of Minnesota, University of MN; Highway to the Tropics for Ospreys Program; the Jason Project Multicultural Committee; and the MN Electronic Environmental Educational Network Advisory Board.

As an educator and Director of Education and Citizen Science Programs, I believe ACTSPeru is a wonderful facility in which scientists, researchers, colleges, universities, school groups and citizen scientists can explore the wonders of the Amazon rainforest.  I look forward to working with groups like this to help further tropical science and research to raise Amazon awareness around the world.

Stay in touch!  Feel free to leave your questions about our Education and Citizen Science programs below or email me at drandle55@msn.com

Note: If you are an independent researcher interested in conducting academic research at ACTSPeru, please contact our Director of Scientific Research, Dr. Stephen Madigosky at smadigosky@hotmail.com

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