Student Expeditions

Derryfield SchoolStep outside your classroom and share the Amazon and the ACTS canopy walkway with your middle school, high school and undergraduate students!  As a teacher leader, you can open up a whole new world to your students – the Peruvian Amazon.

In partnership with Amazon Rainforest Workshops, ACTS offers middle school, high school, and university groups the opportunity to engage in hands-on inquiry, exploration, and research at all levels of the rainforest.

Over the past several years we have hosted many student research expeditions for US high schools and universities, including several conducted by Dr. Meg Lowman and Minnesota high school educator, D.C. Randle. Together they have partnered to mentor high school students as Amazon citizen scientists and enlisted their support to study the impact of herbivory on rainforest trees.

Shady Side Academy and The Derryfield School have both used ACTS as a study site for their tropical ecology field programs for students. Shady Side offered a six week tropical ecology elective course with a capstone study project at ACTS. Derryfield partnered with herpetologist, Marcy Sieggreen from the Detroit Zoo, to collect data on chytrid fungus in the Amazon.

During your visit to ACTS you will have virtually unlimited access to the canopy walkway, allowing your students to appreciate the dynamic functioning of this amazingly complex ecosystem. Working with visiting researchers, guest scientists, and naturalist guides, your students explore the Amazon rainforest as field scientists and:

  • Experience the excitement that comes with discovery;
  • Elevate their interest and enthusiasm for learning about how the world works;
  • Deepen their understanding of key concepts in content areas like ecology, biology, taxonomy, botany, ornithology, and entomology;
  • Reflect on their own process of learning in unique, non-traditional settings;
  • Actively participate in inquiry activities using the skills and tools of field science;
  • Think about themselves as global learners and develop their identity as someone capable of contributing to what we know about our world.

For more information on organizing Student Expeditions to the Amazon and the ACTS Field Station, please contact: Christa Dillabaugh, Education Director, at or 1-800-431-2624.

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