Research and Education Opportunities at The Amazon Conservatory for Tropical Studies

Looking for a way to reinvigorate your research and offer your students new field study opportunities?

Constructed in one of the most biologically diverse forests in the world, the Amazon Conservatory for Tropical Studies (ACTS) Field Station and Canopy walkway serves as an open laboratory for undergraduate and graduate level tropical research, short courses, workshops, and sustainable development projects.

Situated in the heart of a 250,000 acre preserve of primary tropical rainforest and with virtually unlimited access to all levels of the rainforest including the canopy, ACTS is the ideal site for exploring tropical ecology and conducting original field research in an understudied region of the Amazon.

Researcher Rebecca Tripp on expedition with Dr. Meg Lowman and California Academy of Sciences

The facility has rustic accommodations, a dining hall, conference facility, and research laboratory which are ideally suited for undergrad and graduate level field courses and research projects.

Research projects conducted at ACTS include a long-range study involving the collection of high-resolution meteorological data from this undisturbed forest location at ACTS is available for your correlation studies. Entomologists have studied tropical insects such as bullet ants, Peruvian fire sticks, spiny lobster katydids, leaf cutting ants, and giant jumping sticks in this location. Herpetology and primatology studies have also been conducted at ACTS.

We welcome researchers and field scientists who are interested in investigating this extraordinary site.

A group of New College of Florida students came to ACTS with Dr. Chris Frost to study insect-plant interactions. Read the article here or view this video.

If you are interested in creating an undergraduate / graduate level short course in tropical ecology and research, please contact us.

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